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Bibliography and Discography on Music for Solo Wind Instruments and Orchestra Vol. 3

Hermann Haug.

Deel 3: hoorn, trompet, trombone, tuba

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Edition Breitkopf

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Taal: Engels/Duits




The bibliography on Solo Concertos for Wind Instruments and Orchestra comprises three volumes. Nearly 17 000 works by about 6 000 composers are listed. The primary sources were the specific bibliographies on the particular instrument, then the listings of music in print, biographic-bibliographic dictionaries, catalogues of libraries and music information centres as well as the German "Bielefelder Katalog Klassik", the British "R.E.D. Catalogue" and the US "Schwann Opus". In addition, a number of works were communicated by musicians and collectors of manuscripts, printed and the recorded music itself. The information on the works contain along with the key of the composition, the title, the instrumentation and the duration, information on libraries and publishing houses as well as the sources of manuscripts with reference to "RISM-Library Sigla". An additional CD-listing makes it easier to find the recording.


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