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Concerto in C KV 314/285d voor hobo en orkest

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Edition Breitkopf

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Mozart is believed to have written an oboe concerto for the Salzburg virtuoso Giuseppe Ferlendis in 1777. The work was considered lost until 1920, when Bernhard Paumgartner discovered a copy of the parts that must have been written shortly before Mozart's death. Nevertheless, this copy proved to be much more unreliable than the copy of the parts of the flute concerto. Every source-critical edition must take these parts into consideration, as there is otherwise no extant source material aside from a brief autograph sketch. Henrik Wiese's new edition consistently distinguishes between what can be regarded as Urtext and what the informed player must interpret himself. To this end, the edition for oboe and piano also contains a study part in which the solo parts for flute and oboe are placed synoptically opposite each other.

  • Bezetting: hobo en orkest
  • Componist: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Duur: 19 minuten
  • Release datum: 05-10-2009
  • Uitgave: voor hobo en piano

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