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Poulenc: Piano & Chamber Music

Maurice Bourgue, oboe.

Jacques Février, piano.

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Francis Poulenc is one of those French twentieth-century composers who managed to combine light-heartedness, serious aspects and even wit in his works. Perhaps due to his reputation does not equal that of the likes of Ravel. This in spite of for instance the large number of beautiful songs he wrote. Poulencs oeuvre includes a large number of short pieces for piano solo which are rarely performed. This set includes 2 CD's with several dozens of them, like the 15 improvisations, the tiny Humoresque and the lovely 3 Pièces. Performances by Gabriel Tacchino. Of Poulenc's 14 chamber music works 11 are recorded on two CD's in this set. All delightful music which spans his entire composing career. Poulenc had an apparent predilection for wind instruments. He even made combinations with the bassoon highly attractive like in the trio with piano and oboe. More or less historical recordings (made between 1966 and 1983) by more and less famous musicians like Yehudi Menuhin on the violin, Pierre Fournier, cello; and Jacques Février, piano.

01001Mouvements perpétuels FP 14Tacchino, Gabriel
01004Nocturnes FP 56 (8 Stcke für Klavier)Tacchino, Gabriel
01012Presto B-Dur FP 70Tacchino, Gabriel
01013Suite francaise (nach Claude Gervaise) FP 80Tacchino, Gabriel
01020Novelettes 1-3Tacchino, Gabriel
01025Improvisations Nr. 1-15 (für Klavier)Tacchino, Gabriel
01041Valse-Improvisation sur le nom de B-A-C-H FP 62Tacchino, Gabriel
02001Francaise FP 103 (nach Claude Gervaise)Tacchino, Gabriel
02002Les Soir‚es de Nacelles FP 84 (Suite für Klavier)Tacchino, Gabriel
02010Villageoises (6 petites pièces enfantines für Klavier) FP 65Tacchino, Gabriel
02016Thème vari‚ FP 151Tacchino, Gabriel
02028Intermezzi Nr. 1-3 (für Klavier)Tacchino, Gabriel
02031Suite C-Dur FP 19 (für Klavier)Tacchino, Gabriel
02034Mélancolie FP 105Tacchino, Gabriel
02035Humoresque FP 72Tacchino, Gabriel
02036Pièce Nr. 1-3Tacchino, Gabriel
02039Napoli FP 40Tacchino, Gabriel
03001Sonate für Violine und Klavier FP 119Menuhin, Yehudi
03004Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier FP 143Fournier, Pierre
03008Trio für Klavier, Oboe und Fagott FP 43Casier, Robert
03011Sextett für Klavier und Bläserquintett FP 100Février, Jacques
04001Sonate für Flöte und Klavier FP 164Debost, Michel
04004Sonate für Oboe und Klavier FP 185Bourgue, Maurice
04007Sonate für Klarinette und Klavier FP 184Portal, Michel
04010Elégie in memoriam Dennis Brain (für Horn und Klavier) FP 168Civil, Alan
04011Sonate für 2 Klarinetten FP 7Gabal, Maurice
04014Sonate für Klarinette und Fagott FP 32Portal, Michel
04017Sonate für Horn, Trompete und Posause FP 33Iveson, John


  • Aantal discs: 4
  • Bezetting: Piano & Chamber Music
  • Catalogus: 7980
  • Componist: Francis Poulenc
  • Formaat: CD
  • Spars Code: DDD

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