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Dubbelkoffer Wiseman voor hobo, hobo d'amore en althobo XS

Voor hobo, hobo d'amore en althobo.

Exrta klein.

excl. hobo, hobo d'amore, althobo en accessoires.

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  • blauw/rood
  • donkerblauw
  • donkergroen
  • donkerpaars
  • grijs
  • rood/groen
  • wijnrood/goud
  • zwart

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Wiseman Cases

Producten uit dezelfde categorie:

Description: Extremely small hard oval case for oboe, English horn and Oboe D’amore, folding open along its length. All joints are bedded into velvet-covered routed rubber beds with velvet cushion covering each half. Fully velvet lined and featuring un-breakable velcro closing system.

Strength: Very strong - maximum protection from shock-absorbing rubber beds, preventing relayed shock through the case. N.B. All joints are firmly held in place; they cannot rattle or rotate or fall out when the case is opened.

Weight - apprx 6 lbs (apprx 2.75 kg)

Size: 9” x 7” oval section x 20” long

Back-pack: Supplied with two thick leather straps and padded non-slip leather shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are fixed into the buckle of the leather shoulder straps to stop the pads from sliding.

Music pocket: Detachable A3 sized leather music pocket poppers onto the outside of the case.

Accessories Supplied: 1 x A3 size leather music pocket, 1 x external leather accessory /tool bag  (attaches to perimeter belt), 1 x perimeter leather buckle belt, 1 x pair of music pocket extensions (for carrying large amounts of music), 2 x  padded non-slip  leather shoulder pads, 2 x thick leather shoulder straps.

Structural Composition: Aircraft plywood and Aluminium

External material: Leather (Black)

Internal material: Supa-crushed Velvet (various)

Guarantee: Lifetime.

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